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Home STD Test Kits

How Home STD Tests Work

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STD Testing At Home

You believe that you always practice self-sex, but there seems to be something that doesn't feel quite right. You know you should be tested immediately, but you're nervous, it's embarrassing, and do you really want others to know?

Undiagnosed STD's: A Global Epidemic

Undiagnosed STDs is a growing problem. Although millions of persons may be infected each year, only a fraction seek out treatment; with some STDs there are no immediate or visible signs, thus underscoring the need for testing.

Practicing safe sex isn't a guarantee that you won't become infected with an STD, it merely lessens the risk.

Home STD Test Kits Available for Most STD's

While not a substitute for a visit to a medical professional, there are over-the-counter kits for testing for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in the privacy of your own home. The tests can give you a good preliminary indication whether you have a problem that needs further attention.

Home STD tests are currently available for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis C and Herpes. While many test kits are available in your local drug store, some may also be purchased from online sites, providing you with another layer of privacy. The FDA has not approved all tests, so you should exercise caution in which kits you purchase. The cost of home kits can span from $20 - $150.

How STD Home Testing Works

The tests all have similar procedures, in that most require a sample, which, depending on the condition, may be urine, blood, or a swab of oral fluids or the infected area. The samples are forwarded in discrete furnished shipping containers to a lab for analysis, and a report comes back to you in the mail. Some manufacturers offer the option for an email response, or checking your test results online. Generally the results take 1-5 days.

Some tests offer immediate "results" at home, but the accuracy of this type of testing can sometimes come into question. Be sure to choose the test with the highest results for accuracy, and that is endorsed by the FDA.

A Positive Test Result Should Be Taken Seriously

Should your tests show a positive result, it's time for an immediate visit to your primary care giver. While the need for privacy is understood, your health is more important, as some STDs can lead to permanent damage, serious conditions, and death. It is very important, if you have a positive test, to also inform your sexual partners, so that they can be tested as well.

Obviously, these tests each are concerned with a single condition, and you may have more than one STD from a single incident.

To Conclude

  • If you are sexually active, you are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • STDs can cause permanent health problems, and even death
  • Kits are available to test for STDs in the privacy of your home
  • Should you receive a positive result from a home test, you should immediate seek care from a medical professional, and inform your sexual partners of the test results.